Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why So-called Evolutionary Sciences are Pseudo-Scientific

Evolution is the most unscientific explanation of the origin and progression of human life. In this blog post, I collide so-called evolutionary sciences head-on with scientific principles one comes to expect when dealing with science.

1. Evolution does not provide objective inferences to extrapolation
So-called evolutionary biologists are unable to objectively answer the simple question, "What are we (or any animal etc.) evolving into?". Typical responses heard are, "We don't know" or "That's hard to determine" or making reference to "mutations". So-called evolutionary-based sciences are based on hindsight. They assume that living beings got to this point because they evolved; there does not exist a scientific representation (such as a formula, equation or even explanation) to determine what the living being is evolving into after this point. Take for example, Newtonian physics where formula can be used to determine the new velocity of an object after a specified time given its initial velocity and applied acceleration. No such formula exists in evolution. Evolution is unscientific.

2. Evolution contradicts principles of Information Theory
It is a simple fact of Information Theory that random noise only increases the entropy of a system thereby reducing the quality of the signal itself. Yet evolution is based on the fact that random mutation reorders genes so that information results from it. For example, a gazillion 3-year old kids given a laptop cannot produce a scientific white paper no matter how many years they are given to go at the keyboard.

3. So-called Evolutionary Sciences Misapply the Consequences of Genetic Mutations
Genetic mutations are spelling errors that occur in the genetic sequence of living beings. Mutations are largely deleterious in nature and result in loss of information, not creation of new information. For example, a simple sentence "Jack in the box" that conveys meaning that Jack is in the box, could be mutated as "JBck in the box" which makes it meaningless. Imagine a mutation in a DNA genetic sequence responsible for creating a specific protein, and the DNA gene being mutated (altered) so that the recipe is no longer valid. Mutation therefore always results in loss of information and not its gain. In spite of this evident fact, mutations are touted as the primary mechanism through which evolution takes place.

So to summarize:
a) Biological evolution is Principle-less: There are no guiding principles in biological evolution.
b) Biological evolution is Law-less: There is no way to predict the outcome of biological evolution i.e. no way to tell what an animal is morphing into (no extrapolation possible).
c) Biological evolution is Mind-less: Evolution as defined in biology is mindless and random.
d) Biological evolution is Purpose-less: Evolution in biology has no purpose. Random mutation plus natural selection = biological evolution.

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