Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thoughts on Good, Bad and Evil

1. The opposite of good is bad, not evil.

2. Evil is not the absence of good, it is its corruption.

3. If absolute good and evil are defined by a variable frame of reference it causes ambiguity of interpretation. (e.g. Murdering a human becomes a condonable offense in a land that does not require punishment of the perpetrator, but becomes a punishable offense where the land does require justice to be done.)

4. Absolute good and evil can therefore only be defined by a fixed frame of reference. (Taking the above example again, it is disambiguated
(a good thing!) when a fixed frame of reference determines the life of a human as an inalienable right.)

5. From 3. and 4. the fixed frame of reference should come from a non-human being (transcendental).